3D Web Design

With over 15 years of 3D design skills we have enthusiastically embraced the technology of Augmented Reality (AR) and have developed AR experiences for the last several years.

We can custom design an experience for you and your customers that can be embedded onto websites.

My augmented reality (AR) and Web3D projects

Garden Room

This page is an example on the possibilities of augmented reality for the construction industry. AR helps you to present a realistic expectation of the build to your client.

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COVID-19 Office Guide

A visual guide on how to keep your office safe during the pandemic.

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How do vaccines work in 5 steps

A visual guide on how vaccines work based on information from the WHO website.

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Floor plans in AR

Another example of how AR can help the construction industry to promote and reach their customers.

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Virtual Bike Ride Updates

This project was created to update the progress of a charity bike ride in an engaging way.

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Bike jersey design

The purpose of this project was to conceptualise a bike jersey design and to gain feedback from from a cycling group.

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Fun stuff

An assortment of my side projects. For fun!

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