What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) is fast becoming an essential interactive experience for businesses looking reach out to clients and customers.

The technology is currently adopted by Ikea, John Lewis, BBC, Gucci, ASOS, Toyota, Dulux and many more.

How can AR help your business?

The lines between digital and physical shopping are increasingly blurred, and augmented reality allows businesses to bridge the gap and introduce new and improved ways for customers to shop.

For the construction industry, AR can also help your client to gain a realistic end-product expectation by providing a scaled visualisation.

Do you need to develop an app for your customers to view your AR experience?

No, augmented reality can be embedded directly onto your business’ existing webpages using HTML codes. This is referred to as WebAR or WebXR.

Android users may need to download an app from Google to view AR if this is their first time using AR.

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What do you need to integrate AR onto your website?

3D graphic models, a website and HTML codes.

However, there are guidelines to ensure an optimal quality user experience eg. the AR experience works best when the 3D file is under 10mb in file size.

Does AR work on all phones and tablets?

It is estimated around 25% to 33% of devices currently in use are AR compatible (June 2020).

Compatible devices includes Apple iPhones and iPads sold since 2017; and a growing list of Android devices.

How do customers access your AR experience?

Your customers just need to access the webpage on their AR compatible devices via the default Chrome or Safari browser.

If their devices are not compatible, they can still enjoy an interactive 3D model of your product.

QR codes printed on a poster or brochure provides a simple way to quickly direct customers to the webpage.

What is the future for AR?

The future is very promising as more consumers will have AR compatible devices in the forms of phones, tablets and wearables.

Facebook are already developing AR glasses with Ray-ban. Whilst Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has spoken out several times of his support for the technology. This is evident in the company’s support and advances in AR.

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