Photogrammetry: Meals

This webpage showcases how photogrammetry and augmented reality can make your product stand out from your competition with engaging interactive content.

Creamy bircher muesli
Whole walnuts
Fresh berries

Bircher Muesli

Creamy bircher muesli topped with fresh fruits and whole walnuts.

Fuel your morning the right way with a nutritionally balanced and delicious meal.

Sweet chilli salmon flakes
Steamed green beans
Brown and white fusilli pasta
Fresh salad leaves

Sweet Chilli Salmon Pasta

Sweet chilli salmon flakes paired with steamed green beans and fresh salad leaves. Served with brown and white fusilli pasta.

Tasty and energy-packed to help you recover from your afternoon gym session.

Crispy breaded chicken
Fresh crunchy salad
Brown and white fusilli pasta

Crispy Chicken Pasta

Oven baked breaded chicken and fresh crunchy salad. Served with fusilli pasta.

Treat yourself with this satisfying meal. You’ve earned it.

Steamed crayfish
Rocket salad
Mixed rice
Fresh mango pieces
Chilli and coconut dressing

Crayfish and Mango Rice

Mixed rice, crayfish, mango and rocket salad. Served with coconut and chilli dressing.

How does photogrammetry work?

Photos are taken of a subject at 360°. These photos are then processed, edited and optimised for websites.

The output 3D file can then be embedded onto webpages to give customers an engaging experience.