UKRO is committed to improving rescue standards throughout the UK. Bringing together the UKs rescue services and developing their skills to serve the public.

How does UKRO improve rescue standards

Regional Challenge
Delivery of Regional Challenges

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National Challenge
Delivery of National Challenges

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Academic Research
Initiating research with universities and other academic bodies, to explore specific rescue and trauma related issues
UKRO Global
Develop and deliver international support through our International Development Programme (IDP) and support of the World Rescue Organisation (WRO)
National Operational Learning
Supporting National Operational Learning (NOL) as an expert partner
National Operational Guidance
The writing and continual review of National Operational Guidance (NOG)
Design NOG compliant training products, capable of supporting remote and blended learning, while also considerate of learning styles and neurodiversity needs.


Title 4
Test 4 Supporting National Operational Learning (NOL) as an expert partner
UKRO National Rescue Challenge hosted by Tyne and Wear FRS
Test 3 Delivery of National Challenges
All Wales Extrication Challenge at Cardiff gate Training and Development Centre
Test 2 Delivery of Regional Challenges

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