Chun Ho

Photography | 3D Design | Graphic Design | Animation | Video Editing | Augmented Reality

An experienced and enthusiastic content producer capable of multi-tasking projects. Technical skills includes photography, studio and location filming, video editing, animation, motion graphics, 3D design, graphic & print design, web design.

I take a proactive approach to drive my projects forward but I also thrive on working within a team to bring a project to completion. My appreciation for constructive feedback from project stakeholders helps me to evolve a project to ambitious levels.

My previous roles involved working closely with external agencies including South Wales FRS, the Resilience and Planning team of the Welsh Government, South Wales Police, local authorities, Environment Agency and other public sector organisations.


Studio and location photography | editing images for use in training and promotional/recruitment material | Lightroom | Photoshop

Filming & Video Editing

Studio and location filming | green screen filming | lighting setup | video editing | 2D & 3D animation | After Effects | Premiere Pro

3D Design

Low-poly modelling | high-poly modelling | UV editing | 3D concept design | 3D animation | augmented reality | photogrammetry | Cinema 4D | Blender | Adobe Aero | Reality Composer | WebAR

Graphic & Print Design

Brochure design | banner design | web content design | InDesign | Photoshop | Illustrator

Website Design

Web content design | HTML | CSS | WebAR | augmented reality | WordPress CMS | Photoshop | Illustrator | Cinema 4D | Blender